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More than just a safety resource website, this is your gateway to building a safer and healthier working environment for all.




New Team Members!

The JRC Safety Resources Team is glad you made it. We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival!

A special welcome to our newest team members: Sean Marsh, Mark Jones, Sarah Burkett, Jose Quindara, Conner Dobbs, Kyle Oliva, Ryan Mercer, Michael Kremer, David Garrett and Sean Gailyard.

These team members bring many years of mechanical trade know-how to our great organization and will help make Team JRC even stronger.

Welcome aboard!


What We Do

JRC Mechanical is simply a large safety machine first. We just so happen to also engage in the business of mechanical construction as we focus on creating and maintaining the safest and most healthful workplace environments possible for all team members. This site serves only to compliment that continuous effort.

Working Together

Right down to the last team member, we are all responsible for our working environment, each other's health and safety. This is a core value of our unbreakable safety culture allowing each of us to return home safely to our families each and every day.

"Everybody goes home tonight."


By simple virtue and definition of the word "Priority" we can choose only one. The chosen priority at JRC Mechanical is SAFETY. This priority begins and ends with each and every team member. We are each a strong link in an unbreakable chain.

"Only as strong as our weakest link."


Always Moving Forward

Grab Interest

Your safety resources website was designed and built for the sole purpose of promoting and strengthening our safety culture by focusing on good habits and best practices. None of this works unless you are engaged and remain interested in using it. So, please feel free to make suggestions on how it may be improved.

Generate Excitement

It is already exciting just being a JRC team member, right? Using this site should bring that same excitement as you learn to navigate, use the resources available here to save time, increase your individual team member value and strengthen our great organization.

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