Do we purchase the same type of PFPE all the time?

Yes - Personal Fall Protection Equipment must be standardized purchase items to ensure JRC program compliance, cost-protection, universal use and above all, maintain maximum crew safety.

Do we purchase the same type of PPE all of the time?

Yes - Most of the time anyway and for the same reason we standardize other purchase types but the main reason is to maintain maximum crew safety. 

What if I damage, loose or misplace my PPE?

Simply report the issue to your immediate supervisor. In most cases, replacement items are available from your site supervisor's on-hand stock with no questions asked. But, always do your best to properly maintain your PPE.

Is it true that hardhats expire?

No - These days manufacturer quality is such that, unlike years passed, safety items rarely "expire" simply after a certain amount of time has passed. Instead we rely on the individual manufacturer's recommendations regarding replacement. Almost across the board, all manufacturers will state replacement is due when the product no longer provides the level of hazard protection for which it was originally designed. So, inspect your PPE daily for any defects. If you notice anything suspect or obvious, replace right away no matter the age of the item.

Is there a time when I can safely remove my hardhat while working?

Yes - But these times are very rare. One case may be when you are working in a space absent of any potential head injury hazards. Perhaps during ceiling work or under a lavatory vanity. According to JRC safety policy and OSHA standards, you are free to momentarily remove your hardhat if no hazards exist. However, most GCs and our hiring clients demand 100% PPE compliance. And according to the hierarchy of safety control we must abide by that no matter what OSHA or we say about it. So, keep that hardhat and all PPE on when working just to be safe.

Do OSHA-10 and OSHA-30 cards expire?

No - According to the US Dept. of Labor (OSHA) the only certification card they issue with an expiration date is OSHA-500. However, according to JRC Safety Program Policy, all qualifications and certifications, no matter the issuer, "expire". This means that OSHA-10 and OSHA-30 card holders must receive refresher training every 36 to 48 months to get caught up on standard changes, etc. and maintain JRC documentation requirements.